Our clients success stories
Digital Marketing Agency
The digital marketing agency, Click in, embraces automation and digitisation, obtaining a broader and more insightful financial overview. Since November 2022, the company has undergone a revolution in their financial management, achieving heightened efficiency, precision, insight, and success through Finance CORE.
Google Specialists
LAZZAWEB, a thriving company with satisfied customers, approached NordicWorkflow with a mission to scale their business and streamline their processes for even greater efficiency while maintaining their high-quality services. NordicWorkflow helped the company save countless hours and boost efficiency with new systems, custom integrations and automation.
Textile company & license partner
Contrast Company, a prominent Danish company specialised in designing licensed, non-licensed, and private label textiles for the European market, has emerged as a preferred partner in the clothing industry. With a strong commitment to creativity and innovation, they have set out to deliver top-notch products at competitive prices, a pursuit they strive to uphold as they continue their expansion.

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