What our clients think
Martin Sølberg
CEO, Click In
"Prior our collaboration with NordicWorkflow, we had many manual processes, and it was challenging for us to gain an overall view and clarify all processes across the company. Because of that, we were adaptable and prepared to restructure our workflows. Throughout the entire process, we feel that everything has been well-managed, and we could rely on the fact that NordicWorkflow has achieved significant success with other companies in our industry. I recommend all companies to work with NordicWorkflow because it gives you more insights about your own business and a level of efficiency that you didn't think was possible."
Peter Møller Jensen
CEO, labelless media
"With NordicWorkflow, we have automated - and are still automating - most of the business. Specifically, we currently have 52 robots executing nearly 150,000 small tasks EACH month. We have Business Intelligence on par with companies that are 10 times larger than us. However, one should be a bit cautious. One becomes addicted to optimising and automating."
Oliver Seiffert
CEO, Poetype
"NordicWorkflow has been a game-changer for myself and my company. Earlier, I often felt that our processes were fragmented, and it was difficult to keep track of all tasks and projects. Now, my daily routine has become more streamlined, and I have a clear overview of all tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. It has not only improved our efficiency but also increased the overall satisfaction of our team, as they now have the necessary tools to work more effectively."
Jesper Hartvigsen
CEO, Contrast Company
"Thanks to NordicWorkflow, we now work cohesively as a unit, seamlessly collaborating and allowing individuals to focus on their core responsibilities. This shift enables us all to concentrate on the most valuable aspects of our jobs, resulting in higher employee satisfaction throughout the organisation."
Jimmi Pedersen
"Our collaboration with NordicWorkflow has been of great significance to our business. Right from the beginning, NordicWorkflow took the time to understand our operations and objectives, enabling them to build tailor-made systems and processes that have significantly streamlined LAZZAWEB. The efficient automations and processes created by NordicWorkflow have freed up considerable time for us, allowing us to focus much more on business growth."