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From Unstructured Processes to Efficient Success: How Contrast Company Optimised their Workflows

Contrast Company, a prominent Danish company specialised in designing licensed, non-licensed, and private label textiles for the European market, has emerged as a preferred partner in the clothing and accessories industry. With a strong commitment to creativity and innovation, Contrast Company has set out to deliver top-notch products at competitive prices, a pursuit they strive to uphold as they continue their expansion.

How It Started

Prior to partnering with NordicWorkflow, the status of the company was undefined. The owner knew that changes needed to be made but had not yet found the perfect partner. NordicWorkflow was introduced to the challenges the company was facing and conducted a comprehensive analysis of the entire organisation and its employees to identify inefficiencies and ineffective processes. This thorough evaluation shed light on inefficiencies, including time-consuming email exchanges, ineffective internal communication, and a lack of structure in file management.


The analysis uncovered various hurdles at Contrast Company, primarily centred around outdated systems and convoluted processes that demanded streamlining and optimisation. Additionally, it became evident that data management posed a more time-consuming task, requiring specific expertise due to the existing lack of structure and consistency.

"We were bound by numerous manual processes that heavily relied on every single employee. It became clear to us that we all used our systems in different ways and stored data in various formats and locations. We worked very individually and lacked an overall overview. We spent 6,85% of our time on the manual movement and retrieval of information and data, with numerous manual processes requiring follow-up, resulting in a high frequency of errors.” - Jesper Hartvigsen, CEO at Contrast Company.

What We Did 

In close collaboration with Contrast Company, we implemented tailored optimised workflows that saves time and resources. We identified three main focus areas: corporate administration, Sales and CRM and operational project management. These processes and systems were complemented by the implementation of an advanced product system, a system for 3D configurator files, and the design of B2B platforms for webshops. The selection of specific platforms was based on a thorough analysis of the company's current needs and growth potential in the coming years. In this case, we particularly emphasised the automation of logistics and integrations with finance and project management systems.


NordicWorkflow involved both internal and external expertise and knowledge to address the company's challenges and ensure successful implementation of the chosen software. The complexity of the company was revealed throughout the analysis and demanded a really high level of knowledge and expertise. The optimisation involved replacing outdated and inefficient software, implementing an optimal operational system, and developing advanced product systems and B2B platforms. Through a focused effort on automating logistics processes, efficient and streamlined workflows were created throughout the organisation.


The introduction of new software and the implementation of automation have yielded substantial benefits for Contrast Company. Employees express satisfaction with the intuitive overview and improved user-friendliness of the revamped systems.

Moreover, Contrast Company has reaped significant advantages from the integration of business intelligence and process automation throughout the company. The analysis and implementation process took longer than initially anticipated due to ongoing changes and the magnitude of data migration. However, the open and productive dialogue between NordicWorkflow and Contrast Company, involving both management and employees, has resulted in Contrast Company recommending NordicWorkflow as a partner.

Looking ahead, Contrast Company's next milestone involves establishing a fully operational center, where focus will shift to continuous optimisation and streamlining of processes in line with the company's growth and advancements in machine learning. Over time, Contrast Company is witnessing an even more efficient utilisation of their time and resources.

"Within the next 3-5 years, I aspire for our focus to shift to monitoring our system rather than working in it. Thanks to our new workflow we will change our self-perception from being a textile company selling clothes to becoming a tech company that efficiently distributes textiles. In order to stay ahead of our global competitors who can compete on price, we must be able to deliver more effectively, undoubtedly through the power of technology."

- Jesper Hartvigsen, CEO

Our journey doesn't stop there

We continue to optimise our customers' solutions, so they fit the company’s needs at any time. 

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