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From Silos to Success: How LAZZAWEB’s Three Year Long Digital Transformation Have Revolutionised Their Business

LAZZAWEB, a thriving company with satisfied customers, approached NordicWorkflow with a mission to scale their business and streamline their processes for even greater efficiency while maintaining their high-quality services. Over the past three years, NordicWorkflow has enabled the company to save numerous working hours and achieve a remarkable efficiency boost of over 34% compared to their competitors. Today the transformation is complete and the business is streamlined and agile with processes being optimised according to current needs and aspirations.

How it started

We initiated the digital transformation by taking a closer look at LAZZAWEB, exploring their fundamental values, their strategy, internal processes and economy. We also took a deep dive into the employees perception of the company. This approach was utilised to get a fulfilling picture of the company's current state. LAZZAWEB's eagerness to improve and learn more about their business gave us a solid foundation for developing a suitable strategy and allowed us to use many different tools in the transformation process.


It became clear to us that LAZZAWEB spent too many working hours, sending data across departments and sharing information manually. It was obvious that the departments were divided in silos and they needed a platform for communication, project management and cooperation. We identified the need for custom integrations to streamline LAZZAWEB's processes, eliminate silos, and automate repetitive actions.

LAZZAWEB had prior to our analysis defined some challenges themselves that were accurate to what we discovered. Through our collaboration we were able to lead back to the source of the challenge, stop it and prevent it from occurring in the future as well as predict and eliminate coming challenges and bottlenecks.

What we did

We conducted interviews with individuals at all levels and across departments, to gain a comprehensive understanding of LAZZAWEB's operations. To ensure complete confidentiality and honesty, we established an external communications channel where employees could anonymously share their ideas, concerns and pain points with us.

As a part of our quantitative research we installed different analysis tools on the employees' workstations to measure time consumption during work processes. Besides collecting valuable data, we discovered a great interest among employees to learn about their own work habits. A lot of people had an eagerness to improve their efficiency while delivering great results for their clients.

Based on the data collected through our methods in both finance and operations, we showcased our findings to the management to assess the company's overall efficiency. An important part of the digital transformation is to keep a transparent approach and keep the management in the loop of what we find and where we see potential for improvement.

LAZZAWEB had a clear ambition to improve their accounting and finance department. We analysed the accounting accuracy, mapped the accounting processes, and identified optimisation opportunities in the inflow and outflow of their system. The main purpose was to build a system that would grow with the company while not only working with them but for them.


Over the past four years, LAZZAWEB has undergone a remarkable digital transformation by automating and streamlining their processes in sales, marketing, project management, and finance. Through our innovative approach and expert guidance, LAZZAWEB has successfully integrated their CRM, sales pipeline, and marketing, while automating their customers' journey - from contract generation to account setup in the production unit and subsequent follow-up. This transformation has provided seamless communication and workflow for their team members, enabling them to concentrate on their core responsibilities rather than administrative tasks.

Efficient management of financial and administrative functions have also been achieved through automated invoicing processes. We created a fully customised system to handle LAZZAWEB's billing process that generates invoices, sends them, withdraws payments, and posts all associated notices. Automated processes that saves LAZZAWEB countless hours of work, minimise errors, and reduce unnecessary communication.

Moreover, LAZZAWEB has experienced a significant boost in Business Intelligence potential and data accuracy across the entire organisation. Our consultancy has also empowered them to transition from a loosely structured product portfolio to a more standardised and well-organised strategy, thereby optimising both project management and data collection.

By implementing cutting-edge systems for contract management, CRM, work operations, project management, and financial control, LAZZAWEB has achieved comprehensive process integration and automation, fostering efficient workflows and unlocking growth opportunities for further optimisation.


As a result of our collaboration, LAZZAWEB has seen a remarkable increase in efficiency and gained full control over their accounts and data. Employees have experienced personal efficiency and as a side effect achieved a better work-life balance. LAZZAWEB has minimised errors, reduced unnecessary communication, and allowed for the internalisation of accounting while growing the company. 

Over the past three years LAZZAWEB’s competitors have experienced an average growth in gross profit of 14.71% and a corresponding growth in personnel expenses of 14.15%, resulting in a marginal profit of 3.96%, In comparison LAZZAWEB have experienced growth in personnel expenses at 37.36%, and a substantial increase in gross profit by 51.91%, culminating in a notable gain of 38.95%. LAZZAWEB has streamlined processes enabling their employees to deliver superior outcomes significantly more effectively and achieve commendable profit.

LAZZAWEB has successfully minimised errors, streamlined communication, and facilitated the internalisation of accounting, all while driving the growth of the company. NordicWorkflow will as a part of their service continue to optimise processes according to LAZZAWEB's state and needs in the future.

“Our collaboration with NordicWorkflow has been of great significance to our business.

Right from the beginning, they took the time to understand our operations and objectives, enabling them to build tailor-made systems and processes that have significantly streamlined LAZZAWEB.

The efficient automations and processes created by NordicWorkflow have freed up considerable time for us, allowing us to focus much more on business growth.”

— Jimmi Kaare Pedersen, COO

Our journey doesn't stop there

We continue to optimise our customers' solutions, so they fit the company’s needs at any time. 

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