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How it started

LAZZAWEB came to us, as an already healthy company, with a balanced relationship between work tasks, employees, sales, management, revenue and an extremely high customer satisfaction.


To identify their identity

LAZZAWEB wanted to systematize their work processes and internal structure, thereby enabling further scaling of the business without compromising their quality and service. The company identity was linked between the customers, employees, and management's view as well as a sound value foundation:

  • Honest
  • Positive
  • Thorough
  • Transparent
  • Trustworthy
  • Proactive

With a sequence of good core values ​​that reflected their identity, we had a sensible place to start.

An exciting collaboration


At the start, NordicWorkflow had meetings with the entire company collectively, the management, the respective departments individually, and eventually individual employee interviews. This process continueed throughout the development, and a Slack channel was established where employees could submit ideas and problems anonymously.​

The biggest challenges in the company were identified as a result of the conversations and pain channels.


Analysis tools were installed on the workstations of the employees for the purpose of looking at the time consumed by the work processes, we prepared diagrams of a summary of the time consumption presented to the management.

Accounting and Finance

We analyzed LAZZAWEB's accounting accuracy, as well as mapped processes and responsibilities for accounting. This was done to create an understanding of the degree of automation and to identify optimization opportunities in the inflow to and outflow of LAZZAWEB's accounting system.

Project management sales interfaces and CRM

LAZZAWEB used Trello for their project management, and as the company is silo-divided it created some challenges in terms of systematization and overview.​

NordicWorkflow found that Monday would be suitable for project management of the complex structure, and in addition could be used for CRM and ticket system for the specialists, Monday enables the transfer of data quickly and efficiently, which is an essential feature for LAZZAWEB.​

As sales platform and CRM the LAZZAWEB salesteam used Pipedrive, they already had a deep understanding of the program's features, making it easy to tailor the program to their needs.

Automating outflow from the financial system

We chose to set up a fully custom solution to handle LAZZAWEB's billing. Using integrations between Pipedrive, Reepay, E-conomics, Nets and more systems, coupled with own coding. For LAZZAWEB, a system was set up that, when a sale is completed, generates fully automatic invoice, sends the invoice, withdraws payments and posts all notices associated with it. This system saved LAZZAWEB for countless hours of work, slow and tedious processes, unnecessary communication and minimized the risk of errors to almost 0.

Automation of inflow to the financial system

In order to optimize LAZZAWEB's accounting, it was decided to extend LAZZAWEB's IT stack with Pleo and Pento. Pleo to automate the posting and document retrieval associated with purchases. Pento was implemented to optimize the influx of wages.​

These two improvements, together with the fact that LAZZAWEB was already using Roger, led LAZZAWEB to internalize its accounting, which was previously outsourced. In doing so, LAZZAWEB saved the expense associated with bookkeeping assistance, giving employees greater insight into their pay and leave, while at the same time giving the Executive Board full control over the accounts and the data associated with it.

The automatic accounting system

Due to automation of inflow and outflow to and from the accounting system, LAZZAWEB was no longer dependent on external assistance as mentioned earlier. At the same time, Debtor Management and Credit Management became live, which allows LAZZAWEB to access its data in just a few clicks 24 hours a day. Knowing this data provides a precise overview of LAZZAWEB's current operating position.

Semi automatic Email system

In the measurement of work processes, it was revealed that LAZZAWEB's specialists spent much of their effective time in Google Docs and mail systems. Therefore, to avoid the repetitive tasks of writing emails, we created an email automation flow in ActiveCampaign for the respective departments, which via integrations can be managed through Monday.

Systemized Data Retrieval

In collaboration with the vendors and specialists, we designed several Typeform schemas with logically related questions that collect the necessary information for a project startup, which was integrated with ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive and Monday to centralize data and ensure that all departments receive the same data from the customer.


As many of LAZZAWEB's hours worked sending data between sales and departments, creating customers, sending emails, and more repetitive actions, we have developed custom integrations to take care of these actions automatically.

"NordicWorkflow has proven in several projects that they are reliable, professional and passionate.

They are a proactive partner and sparring partner who come up with many great ideas.

NordicWorkflow has challenged LAZZAWEB's workflows and processes, and has helped to streamline our workflows greatly, making it much easier and more manageable to grow and scale.

You should choose to work with NordicWorkflow if you want to scale and optimize your company's time. With our new IT systems, we have ensured a great deal of agility, which means that we have a sound foundation to grow on for the future.

NordicWorkflow also has a very high business understanding, which is a great advantage when I, as an CEO/Founder, have to work closely with them.

As a customer, you feel that NordicWorkflow's mantra is “Data is king”. The data is structured and the considerations behind the choices they make show they are highly skilled.

I would recommend NordicWorkflow to all ambitious companies and business owners who understand the importance of systems."

— Patrik Lazzarotto, CEO & Founder
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