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Enhanced Business Insight through Transformed Financial Management

The digital marketing agency, Click-In, embraces automation and digitisation, obtaining a broader and more insightful financial overview. Since November 2022, the company has undergone a revolution in their financial management, achieving heightened efficiency, precision, insight, and success through Finance CORE.

How it started

Click-In recognised that financial management was consuming excessive time on a daily basis. Processes were cumbersome and provided no deeper insights or analysable data to develop the business. Seeking a solution, they reached out to NordicWorkflow for assistance in managing their financial processes.

Before transitioning to Finance CORE, Click-In's financial efforts were characterised by manual workflows and a fragmented approach to handling documents and invoices. This hindered obtaining an accurate financial overview and determining the company's financial state reliably. Moreover, it was a manual process monopolising a significant portion of the owner's time, which he aimed to reduce.


After thorough evaluation of the financial processes, we identified an urgent need to optimise processes. It became evident that a more structured approach involving integrated systems and automation would transform their workflows and grant them essential financial insight. The founder was dedicating too much time to accounting and financial management instead of leading the company and addressing client-related tasks. This not only diminished his work satisfaction but also downplayed daily interactions with colleagues and clients.

What we did

With the transition to Finance CORE, NordicWorkflow laid the foundation for sustainable and agile financial management. The initial step involved replacing the existing payroll system with a more intuitive and functional solution. Subsequently, we established systems for cost control and vendor management, eliminating document loss and ensuring timely payments.

The invoicing process was optimised through the setup of a finance board in their Work OS, automating processes such as invoicing and linking them to individual projects for better project management. The features we built are not system-bound, enabling cross-system communication to support diverse actions and needs. Integrations between the different systems create a cohesive and efficient financial management landscape for the company to work in.

Furthermore, Click-In gained access to real-time reporting and key performance analysis, enhancing their understanding of company performance and future opportunities. Monthly consultations and collaboration with the Finance CORE team helped Click-In in fine-tuning processes and optimising their business operations.

One of the most important tools we created for Click-In and we create for all our Finance CORE clients is the Monthly Financial Report, an integrated part of our enhanced financial management approach. This report is not just a compilation of numbers; it's a dynamic tool that offers a comprehensive overview of our company's financial performance, insights into key metrics, and strategic planning. With a user-friendly format and detailed yet easily understandable analysis, the Monthly Financial Report empowers you to delve into your financial landscape, identify trends, and make well-grounded decisions. It's more than just a report; it's a bridge to informed actions and future success. Are you curious about how a monthly report looks? You can download it here: Finance CORE monthly report

"If questions arise about figures or trends, our clients naturally receive answers through the monthly report and any subsequent discussions. However, direct communication within the systems is also established. This ensures that if any unforeseen issues arise, or Click-In has specific queries, they can communicate directly with their personal consultant at NordicWorkflow within the systems, making information easily accessible and solutions readily attainable for both parties. We must always remain accessible, ensuring even our communication is optimised." - Anders Schjønning Lie, CFO at NordicWorkflow.


Click-In embraced the changes to their workflows. They had a strong desire to automate as much as possible, freeing their time and energy from bookkeeping tasks. They aimed for accuracy both in accounting and data, enabling accurate statistics for production and suppliers.

Click-In's employees also experienced the benefits of the new systems, with expense management in particular streamlining daily operations and saving time for individual employees.

Monthly reminders prompt Click-In to upload documents to the systems; the solution learns over time, and when it finds a pattern it begins to automatically upload necessary documents and receipts. Additionally, Click-In often finds that monthly meetings become redundant as the detailed and comprehensible report sufficiently represents the company's financial status.


Click-In has witnessed significant improvements through an in-depth exploration of their business and insights into the financial aspects of running a company. They have gained a comprehensive financial overview and a much more efficient handling of financial processes. Key metrics and real-time reporting have enabled precise analyses and well-informed decision-making at all organisational levels.

Guided by Finance CORE's advice and collaboration, Click-In has managed to optimise their business strategy and bolster their financial management. The increased insight into the company contributes to better long-term planning and decision-making. The company gains insight into their business through the monthly financial report and a monthly discussion about focus for the upcoming month. Furthermore, they utilise live data from crucial parts of the financial statement through Business Intelligence.

Click-In now benefits from a streamlined invoicing process and cost management, resulting in timely payments and smoother operations. Integrations between different systems have eliminated duplicate work and boosted productivity.

"It has always been clear to me that I shouldn't handle the bookkeeping in my company myself. Being able to delegate the task to NordicWorkflow gives me peace of mind because I know that things are being recorded correctly, and they proactively address any discrepancies. There's a coherence that allows me to save a lot of time."

Martin Sølberg, CEO

Our journey doesn't stop there

We continue to optimise our customers' solutions, so they fit the company’s needs at any time. 

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