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At NordicWorkflow, we specialise in creating tailor-made digital optimisations that make your workflow efficient and simple. By using specially developed technology, we improve communication, finance, and work processes throughout the organisation, freeing you from complicated and unnecessary tasks and processes.

NordicWorkflow combines tech, data, and human insight when building customised optimisations for businesses. We help companies across all industries, who want to grow their business with lower costs through digitisation and automation.
  • We are great at what we do! Everyday we do our very best to set a new and improved standard in our industry
  • We are not an IT company, but we use IT actively when optimising workflows for our clients
  • Our team consists of excellent experts in each of their core areas
  • When we customise optimisations, you own your own data - if the collaboration were to end, you can still use your setup, though without ongoing updates
Adrian Nielsen
Founder & CEO
At NordicWorkflow, we specialise in fostering efficiency and work satisfaction. Our mission is to create a harmonious work environment where employees experience true joy in what they do. By streamlining processes and eliminating repetitive tasks, we empower individuals to focus on meaningful assignments, ultimately yielding outstanding results. We believe that a happy workforce not only enhances personal well-being but also drives the company's overall success.‍

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