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From Podio til Monday

Scalemarkting wanted to move to a system that gave them an advantage in their exact business model. It was analysed that Monday suited them perfectly. The data migration and design of their new work processes started.


Managing Campaigns for the some of the biggest in the game

Influence marketing is a highly complex and data driven business. Scalemarketing wanted to have a specialised calendar to manage everything in seconds.


Efficiency up, Onboarding faster and faster customer response

Since Scalemarketing is a unique type of company, we started with a completely white canvas. It was both a huge challenge and something we loved to do and work with. Everything from the user interface to customers looks simpler and quick to use. It's always the goal!

We worked a lot on this special project and due to the secret nature of some of the Data we worked with we, can't disclose every awesome thing we did

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