Malou Media

Malou Media is the leading Greenlandic media and campaign agency.

For the Malou Group, through continuous cooperation, we have developed a market strategy, reformed their project management, data collection, e-mail systems and bidding.

Malou Group

Experts in commercials, animation, graphic design, SoMe, & websites.

NordicWorkflow analyzed the current strategy of Malou Group and found out which key points to focus on to enable their wishes.

First we addressed their project management and lead management, was implemented with a custom CRM and project management platform.

Next, we created a number of templates for bidding and business deals in Better Proposals.

Subsequently, we have updated their lead generation, data collection and created email automation.

We designed Typeform data collection systems to specify the information needed to create a campaign or media for the customer.

Created an automated email flow in ActiveCampaign, removing many of the manual actions for the staff, minimizing the number of interactions the client must go through for the final design of the project.

The last step in the first part of the project was RPA development, we developed through Integromat several process automations that connect the previously mentioned surfaces.

Further development

We are currently working on a further collaboration with Malou Media to further streamline the business.

" NordicWorkflow has been dedicated to optimizing our processes, and since the implementation of their tools and systems, we have seen a huge return in terms of more time, better overview and faster execution of the tasks and projects. We highly recommend them to others. "

— Martin Nordlund, CEO
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